Environmental, Safety & Toxic Torts

The Environmental, Safety & Toxic Torts Practice Group assists clients in navigating local, state and federal environmental and safety laws to find practical business solutions to environmental and safety problems.

We are counselors, advisors, negotiators, trial lawyers and appellate advocates with respect to all elements of environmental and safety laws, and we take a practical, efficient, hands-on approach to addressing environmental and safety issues.

We represent a broad range of industry, including heavy industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, explosives and propellants, solid and hazardous waste disposal, medium and light industrial manufacturing, ammonia and refrigerants, and tankers and transportation. We have extensive experience with solid waste disposal operations (including landfill gas), Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act permitting and compliance, alternative energy, brownfields development, toxic tort litigation and liability issues associated with contaminated property. We address the full spectrum of worker safety and chemical exposure matters, including Process Safety Management. 

Types of Clients The Environmental, Safety & Toxic Torts Practice Group Represents:

Heavy manufacturing; solid and hazardous waste industry; landfills; steel manufacturing; specialty chemicals, paints and coatings; heavy equipment manufacturers; residential and commercial construction, demolition; mobile equipment manufacturers; commercial laundry, transportation, railroad equipment supply, refining and petrochemical, scrap and recycling, mining and aggregates; electrical and gas supply utilities; outdoor advertising, food manufacturing and retail grocery/warehousing, defense manufacturing, aviation manufacturing., explosives and pyrotechnics manufacturing; environmental insurers tanneries, mining, roofing materials, and chemical manufacturing.