Wage & Hour Audit, Assessment, and Counseling

Experience shows that the best defense against wage and hour liability is to assess and, where necessary, to change current wage and hour policies and practices to bring companies more clearly into compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws.

This can be difficult for employers to manage on their own given the complexity of the federal regulations and state-specific requirements.

Many of Seyfarth’s 100-attorney Wage and Hour Litigation practitioners, our Wage and Hour Audit, Assessment and Counseling Team, have substantial experience triaging exposure to wage and hour claims  and proactively eliminating or reducing it.  By anticipating impending risks we assist our clients in identifying their points of potential exposure and taking steps to correct the challenges that cause them. We routinely assist clients in redesigning jobs and their accompanying job descriptions to maintain exempt status, to ease transitions from exempt to non-exempt status or vice versa, to account for all hours worked, and to properly pay overtime compensation. We have helped assess pay and timekeeping practices across multiple company locations while minimizing disruption to their businesses. And perhaps most important, when changes need to be made, we work with our clients to effectively communicate these changes to their workforce with minimal disruption to productivity.

We have developed a methodology for efficiently and cost-effectively reviewing clients’ exempt/non-exempt and independent contractor classifications as well as pay-related employment policies and practices.  We partner with clients to ensure compliance with federal and state laws.  We have developed proprietary technology solutions to help our clients identify and address issues that may expose them to risk.  Using our innovative SeyfarthLean® approach, we tailor our methods and technology tools to fit our clients’ specific needs effectively and cost-efficiently, regardless of a project’s scope.
The ultimate result for our clients is a best practice risk-mitigation solution that leaves them with a more efficient and effective approach to wage and hour issues.