Australia: Workplace Risk

Australia Workplace Risk Practice

Workplace Compliance & Governance: Managing risk (front-end)

To assist with risk management strategies, we offer specialist in-house training to employers and boards aimed at ensuring compliance with workplace regulatory requirements. Our specialised training programs help to inform employers and boards about how to assess legal and practical risks, and the risk management strategies which can be implemented when dealing with workplace change. This includes understanding and managing the obligations of senior management and board members regarding workplace health and safety laws.

We also advise corporations on its compliance obligations under corporate governance regulations and whistleblowing laws under the Corporation laws.

Workplace Investigations: Assessing accountability and liability; incident response

Health and safety is a key workplace risk for organisations. Strategic advice on health and safety matters is paramount particularly when a safety incident has occurred and an immediate response is required. Our team are recognised as leaders in the specialist field of health and safety law and have a dedicated 24 hour number available to clients for immediate response.

As well as health and safety, our team is experienced in managing workplace investigations and allegations of poor performance and workplace misconduct, including bullying, harassment and other unlawful behaviour. We advise on the legal framework and obligations, and work with organisations  to identify the appropriate business and management strategy to resolve any concerns and achieve favourable outcomes.

Employment & IR Litigation; Prosecutions: Managing risk (back-end)

We represent clients in state and federal courts, tribunals and coronial inquests. Our work includes proceedings under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), anti-discrimination laws and workplace health and safety law. This includes: workplace health and safety enforcement actions and prosecutions,  executive defence litigation; the enforcement of employment contracts; protecting confidential information; enforcing restraint of trade obligations; unfair dismissal claims; workplace bullying and discrimination; and industrial relations litigation.

Our practitioners are recognised for their innovative work in this area and for leading the process of establishing the boundaries of the Australian regulatory framework.

Appeals Unit: Greater focus on a more specialised area

We have developed dedicated expertise in the area of appeals and reviews in every jurisdiction. Our offering coincides with the creation of the Fair Work Commission Appeals Unit. The running of an appeal or review requires a different and deeper skill set from running matters at first instance. Our specialist offering:

  • reviews the first instance material;
  • develops the case theory;
  • identifies appeal points; and
  • works with our in-house or external advisory team (including counsel where briefed) as appropriate.

Global HR Compliance: Designing and implementing global compliance strategies

We provide advice on international labour and employment law requirements such as working hours/overtime, leave requirements, data protection, anti-discrimination and harassment issues; as well as corporate compliance measures such as codes of conduct, whistleblowing and anti-bribery programs.

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