National Law Journal names Seyfarth Chicago Litigation Department of the Year for Labor & Employment for Third Straight Year


For the third year in a row, The National Law Journal announced that Seyfarth Shaw LLP has been named the Chicago Litigation Department of the Year for Labor & Employment.

The NLJ’s annual report on the Chicago Litigation Departments of the Year recognized Seyfarth for its high-profile results, including “lethal blows to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's biggest discrimination suits, getting clients out from under cases that put their reputations and market shares at risk.”

For example, The NLJ explained that the EEOC had “levied claims of widespread gender discrimination at Sterling Jewelers Inc., a multibrand company with stores in malls across the country, and it continued to pursue the headline-grabbing allegations that Kaplan Higher Education Corp. systematically discriminated against black job applicants by using credit histories in the hiring process.” After years of litigation, The NLJ noted that Seyfarth’s Gerald Maatman “secured rulings that not only found in favor of his clients, but also took a harsh view of the EEOC's efforts.”

Maatman told The NLJ, "2014 was a very satisfying year to take on the Obama administration and beat them in their two biggest cases."

In another key victory against the EEOC, The NLJ recognized Seyfarth’s William Dugan, who was responsible for a “novel legal argument to combat a sexual-harassment case against a staffing agency that started with one complaint but threatened to metastasize. Dugan was able to block a wide-reaching EEOC subpoena with a ruling that has implications beyond that case, as it became only one of a few in the country that limited EEOC subpoena authority.”