Appellate Advocacy

Our national appellate team is deeply experienced in handling all aspects of wage and hour appellate practice. 

Our team members throughout the country have handled many hundreds of appellate matters, including numerous wage and hour appeals.  Of particular importance, they have extensive experience, both in federal and state courts, in obtaining and defeating interlocutory review of class certification rulings.  Likewise, they have extensive experience in handling appeals from wage and hour summary judgment rulings, orders regarding arbitration of wage and hour claims, and jury verdicts.  Additionally, they have been leaders in handling many of the most important legal issues in wage and hour litigation, including filing amicus briefs or representing the named parties in such prominent cases as Dukes v. Wal-Mart, and Epic Systems v. Lewis.  In handling appellate matters, our team members work collaboratively with our trial teams, thereby providing our clients with appellate representation that is both cost-effective and independent.