Bid Protests & Claims Litigation

Sometimes a contractor cannot avoid litigation in order to vindicate a claim or defend itself. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing companies in contract litigation as well as in resolving matters using alternative dispute resolution.

Bid Protests

We assist clients in defending contract awards and in prosecuting bid protests before agencies, at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and in federal and state court.  We have successfully handled more than 100 bid protests, many of them involving complex computer technology and defense item procurements.  Our recent work has included cases in which:

  • We prevailed in protesting a multi-million dollar Army logistics management contract award where the government had improperly evaluated offerors’ technical and price proposals
  • We succeeded in a bid protest challenging a Department of Defense award of a services contract to a firm that lacked the required qualifications
  • We successfully defended a Department of Veterans Affairs award where the protester claimed that our client’s product did not comply with the Trade Agreements Act
  • We succeeded in defending a Coast Guard award where the protester alleged that our client’s product did not meet the required performance specifications. 

Claims And Other Litigation

Our attorneys also represent clients in contract performance disputes in the courts and before the various boards of contract appeal.  Our work in this area includes:

  • Preparing claims or requests for additional payment (equitable adjustments) related to a change in the scope of the contract
  • Recovering costs incurred as a consequence of defective specifications
  • Defending against government claims of non-performance
  • Responding to breach of contract claims
  • Resolving disputes between prime and subcontractors under government contracts
  • Defending false claims allegations, whether initiated by a whistleblower or by the Department of Justice
  • Responding to Inspector General and grand jury investigations
  • Representing clients in suspension or debarment proceedings
  • Resolving contract termination disputes
  • Representing clients in small business size protests and appeals, and in Mentor/Protégée Program and Alaskan Native Corporation status disputes