Real Estate: Due Diligence Hub

Seyfarth’s Real Estate Due Diligence Hub is a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff who handle the cumbersome, often cost-sensitive work associated with the due diligence phase of commercial real estate transactions. We offer a suite of services, including title, survey, and zoning review, as well as lease abstracting, pe and tenant estoppel preparation, all performed by highly-skilled and experienced reviewers.

By focusing exclusively on the due diligence phase of commercial transactions, we can offer customized, efficient due diligence services and the highest-quality work product, while allowing for cost predictability.
The Real Estate Due Diligence Hub is a competitivelypriced alternative for clients who outsource their due diligence to third-party providers. Even in those instances where outsourcing has lower initial fees, we offer greater value by providing in-depth analysis, superior client service and customized review, ensuring more accurate and comprehensive due diligence for each client.
We have experience with all types of transactions, from small matters to complex portfolio deals, across all property types including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, and hospitality, across all 50 states.

The Hub Advantages

Useful for all deal types, from a single-property transaction to large portfolio deals


Real-time tracking of reviews for status and to address challenges


Scalable, flexible staffing depending on complexity of issue and each client’s specific needs and requirements


Extensive experience working with title and survey companies

How it works:

The Real Estate Due Diligence Hub is supervised by senior Seyfarth attorneys who assess each transaction to determine staffing. The flexible structure of the team allows us to scale staffing as needed, based on the timeline and volume of the assignment, and the client’s budgetary concerns.
Selected reviewers then complete the initial review of title, survey, zoning, leases or other diligence, as applicable, and draft all necessary documentation, including comment memos and abstracts. If necessary, as determined by the complexity of a particular project or a given client’s preferences, supervisors can add one or more associates or counsel to the project as senior reviewers to ensure accuracy and uniformity.
Our team tailors its deal management and tracking methods for each project, making use of spreadsheets, checklists, web-based data repositories and other resources, as needed, in order to allow clients to track due diligence tasks so that we can fully understand timing, deal progress, hurdles, and costs. Here, the team also has access to a library of reference materials, including title and survey review forms, lease abstract templates, checklists, and a common provisions bank, all of which can be tailored to meet any client’s specific needs or used in conjunction with a client’s preferred forms.