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Practical Resources For Businesses Preparing For And Responding To The 2016 Revisions To The FLSA Exemptions

Latest Development: Texas federal judge stops new overtime rules’ December 1 effective date. Click here for the latest.


FLSA SolutionsAn innovative, tiered suite of solutions to ensure that your business complies with the new exemption rule by December 1, 2016. Click here to view our pricing model.

The FLSA Classification Change Implementation & Communications Package provides model roadmaps, form communications, employee FAQs, and other value-priced guidance in 130+ pages of practical, ready-to-use materials developed for businesses of every size.  Click here for the package’s table of contents and sample materials. Click here to order your copy.

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Seyfarth's Overview of Changed Overtime Exemption Rule

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The Five on Friday alert series offers simple and easy-to-understand guidance from lawyers, economists, and former government officials regarding the DOL’s 2016 revisions to the FLSA’s white collar exemptions and concerning how employers should respond to them.

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We address:

  • Planning for the revised exemptions
  • Development of “stakeholder” commitment to plan implementation
  • Pay methods for reclassified employees
  • Economists’ perspectives regarding employees’ working hours
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New FLSA Overtime Exemption Rule


From Fundamentals to Action - How to Respond

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Update Series

We have created a special update series on the new FLSA overtime exemption rule. Subscribe to be updated on the most critical developments regarding this rule, by contacting us at

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