Wage & Hour Compliance Reviews and Assessments

Experience shows that the best defense against wage and hour liability is to assess and, where necessary, to correct current wage and hour policies and practices to bring companies into full compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws.

Employers depend on Seyfarth Shaw's Wage & Hour Compliance Reviews and Assessments team to guide them through the morass of regulations for hourly employee compensation. Our attorneys are adept at analyzing questions under state and federal laws on such topics ranging from employee classification to overtime calculation to meal and rest breaks.

We routinely assist clients in redesigning jobs and their accompanying job descriptions to maintain exempt status, to ease transitions from exempt to non-exempt status or vice versa, to account for all hours worked, and to properly pay overtime compensation. We also lead our clients through formal and informal audits, staging compliance reviews in phases, thereby minimizing disruption to our clients’ businesses and allowing for easier budgeting. When changes need to be made, we work with our clients to effectively communicate these changes to their workforce with minimal disruption to productivity. Our vast experience allows us to arrive at creative solutions to address critical needs without necessarily going through laborious full "wall-to-wall" assessments. 

If claims occur, our attorneys can skillfully negotiate the best possible outcomes and argue our clients' positions in all jurisdictions. In California, where the complex labor code poses unique risks for management, we are especially proud of our strong track record of counseling clients on litigation avoidance and effectively representing clients against wage and hour class actions.

Our national presence allows us to keep our clients up to date on litigation trends, regulatory changes and enforcement practices in various jurisdictions.  In addition, as part of our commitment to appropriate staffing, we work with experienced contract attorneys and use project managers whenever we believe they can add value to an audit or assessment project.