Administrative Charges

Seyfarth Shaw is an industry leader in responding to government-initiated charges of discrimination.  For years now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has investigated and processed a steadily increasing tide of discrimination charges. 

Indeed, in 2012 alone, the EEOC received almost 100,000 charges.  This swell of discrimination complaints also comes at a time when the EEOC is actively pursuing its “Systemic Initiative”—aggressively investigating and litigating discrimination cases through large-scale, high-profile federal court actions. 

Seyfarth has met this challenge by developing its Administrative Charge Team (ACT) under the leadership of Director Rebecca Bromet.  The ACT is a national group of partner-level attorneys and non-attorney professionals who specialize in responding to administrative charges filed in forums across the country.  This elite and first of its kind team partners with our clients to investigate a wide range of legal claims in a broad range of industries and jurisdictions.  Faced with an increasingly aggressive governmental agenda, Ms. Bromet and her team have developed innovative strategies for addressing wide-ranging governmental requests for information and increasingly sophisticated agency tactics.  Seyfarth has been praised by the Association of Corporate Counsel as being "five years ahead of every other AmLaw 200 firm” due in part to its commitment to delivering legal services in new ways, with an emphasis on value and continuous improvement. 

The ACT uses cutting-edge technology built on a platform of decades of best practices and EEO expertise to efficiently deliver the highest quality services and exceptional results.  We have also listened closely to the needs of our clients, and by tapping into the Firm’s SeyfarthLean methodologies, the ACT has developed a number of flexible pricing strategies to fit the business needs of the employers we service.

The ACT does not simply respond to government-initiated actions, it works to proactively prevent them.  Seyfarth’s ACT philosophy is that the best way to combat EEOC litigation is to avoid it in the first place through proactive preventative measures.  For example, Seyarth has developed a collection of tools to give our clients the best chance of staying off the government's radar and to prepare them if the EEOC does attack. Among these is our proprietary system, Charge Tracker, which allows us to discern trends and problem areas, decreasing our client’s risk of being targeted by EEOC’s Systemic Initiative and private litigation.  Client data stored within Charge Tracker is analyzed on a periodic basis, and with these results we design and deliver training programs that address “hot spots” for front-line human resources personnel.  The ability to proactively respond to substantive charge activity ultimately reduces the risks and costs associated with defending EEOC litigation. 

Seyfarth’s ACT and related tools are the culmination of decades of administrative charge experience, and efficiently providing unparalleled and uncompromising quality.  Pairing robust preventative strategies with best-in-class charge-response capabilities means our clients are in the best position to tackle the rising tide of administrative charge filings.