Complex Discrimination Litigation

Clients turn to Seyfarth Shaw to defend class cases in jurisdictions across the country under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, wage-and-hour statutes and ERISA, as well as in numerous pattern and practice suits brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Our extensive experience enables us to begin work on these cases at an advanced level. Having defended hundreds of such cases, we already know the substantive law and can therefore focus immediately on procedural issues and other strategies. We frequently prevail in blocking or containing class certification, and through offensive strategies such as counterclaims and early dispositive motions.

Ours is one of the few firms in the country equipped to handle nationwide employment class actions. These cases must be staffed, coordinated and otherwise managed by sophisticated counsel with a nationwide presence. Because class cases are sometimes won or lost in the press, we work with clients to develop proactive media-relations plans to minimize or neutralize press coverage.

Companies faced with a class action often believe they have little choice but to settle. Clients for whom we have defended class cases know they have options. They can choose to litigate, confident the case will be handled with an eye toward both legal and business objectives. Alternatively, they can choose to settle, but not until we have negotiated the best possible resolution, one which minimizes publicity and pay-out, and maximizes the client’s chances of not having to endure future class cases.

Our employment attorneys are widely recognized as leading authorities on class and collective action litigation. In Chambers USA: America’s Leading Business Lawyers, more Seyfarth Shaw litigators were recognized than those of any other employment group. Chambers USA reports: “There is no one better than Seyfarth Shaw;” it has “fabulous spectrum and depth” to its employment law practice; “we are impressed with the way they assign lawyers to become subject matter experts ... this makes the work quick, complete, and cost-effective;” and “if the going gets tough, there are excellent lawyers there that can handle the tough cases.” In addition, Chambers recognized that our firm is well known for its proficiency in complex litigation, and that, “If there is a huge class action lawsuit to be defended you can expect that Seyfarth Shaw will be handling it.”