Corporate Whistleblower Team

Our corporate lawyers are called upon by boards of directors and senior executive officers to draft and assist in implementing internal governance policies, and to provide support through all phases of an investigation and resulting dispute resolution.

Our interdisciplinary approach allows our team to optimize director and officer protections from fiduciary duty and other claims, and enhances the team’s ability to deal with a variety of complex and sophisticated governance and transactional issues.

Our corporate team members are skilled in:

  • Advising directors and board committees on their fiduciary duties, including ways to minimize exposure to claims and maximize available protections
  • Advising executives, boards and committees (including audit and legal compliance committees) on procedures to conduct investigations into alleged wrongdoing
  • Analyzing complex transactions, including securities, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, marketing, sales and distribution, commercial matters, and others
  • Understanding the norms of corporate and commercial activities, compliance and other policies and procedures across a wide range of industries and enterprises
  • Developing remedial policies and programs