Speaking Engagement

Matthew Hafter, Robert Sell and Tyler VanLonkhuyzen to Present "Investing in, Financing & Acquiring Tech Companies" at ACG Chicago's Sunrise Session


Chicago, IL

Matthew Hafter, Robert Sell and Tyler VanLonkhuyzen, partners of Seyfarth's Corporate group, will be presenting "Investing in, Financing & Acquiring Tech Companies" at ACG Chicago's Sunrise Session on February 11, 2016.

Technology based companies are continuing to receive a great deal of attention in Chicago.  Venture capital financing in the Technology sector saw an upward trend in 2015.  Various lenders in the Chicago market are increasing their focus on building relationships with growing Technology companies.  Successful exits have occurred through acquisition, and more may be around the corner given the current condition of the public securities markets.  This program will focus on issues that are relevant to deal makers who invest in, finance or may acquire companies that are technology driven.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

(1)  What unique due diligence issues require attention when making an investment in a technology driven company?  We will address founder issues, intellectual property ownership and protection, data security and privacy issues, and issues that impact long-term value potential.

(2)  What debt and debt-like financing alternatives are being made available to technology companies, and what factors affect the financing decisions?  This discussion will focus on available sources, types of financing from convertible bridge notes to traditional bank financing, and equity kickers.

(3)  What are the key value drivers of the business and some of the issues that typically arise when selling or acquiring a technology company?  This part of the discussion will focus on evaluating sources and ownership of the technology, preserving employee focus and commitment, evaluating revenue sources from sales, licensing, maintenance and consulting and other hot topics that can impact the acquisition process (e.g., immigration, capital structure, and third party consents).