Sponsored Seminars

Seyfarth Sponsors Consero’s Corporate Litigation Executive Roundtable


Atlanta, GA
Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
75 14th Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Seyfarth Shaw is pleased to sponsor Consero’s Corporate Litigation Executive Roundtable in Atlanta, GA on May 10, 2018. 
Kate Perrelli, Chair of Seyfarth’s National Litigation Department, and Rebecca Woods, National Co-Chair of Seyfarth’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group and Chair of the Atlanta Litigation Department, co-chaired the event and provided opening remarks.
Senior Counsel Esther Slater McDonald moderated “Ethics In 21st-Century Litigation,” a roundtable session discussing the many ways litigators can run afoul of the rules of ethics and the challenging ethical issues facing in-house counsel involved in litigation.
Rebecca Woods moderated “Litigation Resource Management: Best Practice & Processes.”  The panel session discussed how corporate clients continue to challenge their outside counsel and other service providers. The panel offered new and innovative ways to achieve their goals more economically while litigation costs continue to escalate and steady (or shrinking) budgets for legal service arise.
Kate Perrelli moderated “Litigation Versus Arbitration: Which Is Best For Dispute Resolution?” The panel session discussed various factors counsel consider when drafting dispute resolution provisions for agreements and metrics in-house counsel apply to determine whether to arbitrate or litigate a dispute. The panel also provided insight on best practices for ensuring that arbitrations are fair, efficient, and cost-effective.
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