Speaking Engagement

M. James Daley to present at The National Conference on Managing Electronic Records

Cross-Border Transfers of Electronic Information -- Any Safe Harbor in Sight or Just More Tightly Caught Between a “Rock and a Hard Place”?


Chicago, Illinois
As a result of recent disclosures of widespread, unbridled governmental surveillance, we now live in a “new world” regarding the cross-border exchange of electronic records and information – an essential component/function of all global economic activities.  This cutting-edge session will focus on global records and information management: specifically, the impact of the recent developments in the cross-border exchange of records and information.
Specifically, it will address:
  • The effect of threatened suspension of the U.S. / EU Safe Harbor Agreement by German DPAs,
  • The impact of Privacy by Design on global records and information management,
  • The impact of European Court of Justice decisions in Spain and Ireland on the Right to be Forgotten,
  • The practical effect of broad new data residency and localization laws in Russia and China, and
  • The significance of U.S. federal court rulings in the Microsoft Subpoena and Jacobs v. Sands cases.
In this session, you will learn how and why the cross-border transfer of records and information is being redefined.  You will take away an insightful understanding of this multi-dimensional debate about privacy rights.
Finally, you will learn how this unprecedented “redefinition” potentially will impact your organization’s operations – and the new ways its electronic records and information will need to be managed.
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