Sponsored Seminars

Document Retention And Destruction In The Post-Enron Electronic Age


Rockford, IL

Cliffbreakers River Suites and Conference Center
700 West Riverside Boulevard
Rockford, IL

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Recent events underscore the importance of a records management policy for the retention and destruction of documents generated or collected during business activity. Destruction of documents on a random basis can create litigation challenges. Well-managed organizations need to respond professionally to customer, client and legal needs for records. A document that is destined inappropriately for destruction but instead finds its way into unfriendly hands can not only be embarrassing but potentially costly and can create significant liability. The enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley and recent headlines of litigation, both criminal and civil, involving major corporations underscore the risks. This seminar will not only provide guidelines on how to establish a records management program but, more importantly, will explain how to establish legal guidelines for retaining and destroying documents.

Seminar highlights:

  • Record retention - an integral part of an effective corporate compliance program
  • Developing and implementing a corporate records management program
  • Protecting confidential information
  • Primer on electronic records
  • Challenges of document retention in electronic age