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How "Stable" is Your ERISA Plan's Stable Value Fund?



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Helping Plan Fiduciaries Understand Stable Value Funds in the Current Uncertain Landscape

Plan fiduciaries have reason to focus on Stable Value Funds in their ERISA plans. Despite the past perception that these funds preserve capital and provide a guaranteed rate of return, the market turmoil has exposed risks associated with these funds. Accordingly, Plan fiduciaries should understand how these funds work and how market forces can impact them.

Join a panel of professionals from Seyfarth Shaw and Blue Prairie Group to learn:

  • The structure and operation of Stable Value Funds
  • The role of the “synthetic GIC” in Stable Value Funds
  • How current market conditions may impact Stable Value Funds
  • The roles of the different providers and the important contractual underpinnings
  • How plan sponsor actions (e.g., plan amendments, bankruptcy) can impact Stable Value Funds
  • Action steps Plan fiduciaries should consider

Who Should Attend:

  • Plan fiduciaries for plans that offer Stable Value Funds as investment options
  • Human resources, financial, and legal professionals who want to better understand how Stable Value Funds are structured and operate
  • ERISA professionals interested in benefit risk management


Linda Haynes, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Howard Pianko, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Tess Malone, Blue Prairie Group
Matthew Gnabasik, Blue Prairie Group

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