Sponsored Seminars

Legal Industry Outsourcing Forum For Both Work Product and Support Services


New York

The Harvard Club of New York

On May 14th and 15th ALM will host The Legal Industry Outsourcing Forum For Both Work Product and Support Services. Partners Richard Reice and Brian Gannon will be presenters at this event.

On May 14th Mr. Reice will be participating on the panel, “Learning New Strategies on How Outsourcing Will Improve Productivity and Profitability.” The panel will discuss:

  • Why are leading companies outsourcing?
  • Why has outsourcing become a necessity?
  • How to maximize benefits of onshore and offshore workforce.
  • How to create an offshore captive without having to invest in infrastructure.
  • How to better preserve and manage corporate information through dedicated offshore workforce.
  • How to increase efficiencies over time and further drive down costs.How to maximize quality control and process approach to legal support services.

On May 15th Mr. Gannon will be participating on the panel, “Understanding the Mechanics of Negotiating Outsourcing Deals.” The panel will discuss:

  • Major phases from vendor selection to finalizing the outsourcing contract
  • The roles of the various players and the objectives for each phase
  • Techniques to consider during the various phases
  • The pros and cons of using issues lists during different phases of the deal
  • Document management tips that can help reduce anxiety among all the participants

For more information on this event or to register, please visit the events website at: http://www.almevents.com/conf_page.cfm?instance_id=24&web_id=1092&pid=702