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Legal Publishing Group of Strafford Publications Teleconference
Retirement Plan Fiduciary Duties: Reducing Legal Risks in the Current Market




1:00-2:30pm ET

Howard Pianko, Ian Morrison, and Hannah Widlus will be discussing proactive strategies to minimize exposure for investment losses during a live teleconference.

In today’s financial crisis, ERISA fiduciaries are under close scrutiny due to plummeting retirement plans exposing investment risks. The panel of employee benefit attorneys and a fiduciary liability insurer will explain how counsel can guide retirement plan fiduciaries in evaluating plan investment policies, reviewing investment options, and documenting the analysis.

The panel will be covering the following topics and more:

  • Impact of economic crisis on retirement plan fiduciaries
  • Common investment approaches for retirement plans — benefits and risks
  • Stable value funds
  • Target-date funds
  • Liability driven investing
  • Alternative investments
  • Investment advice options
  • Fiduciary governance best practices
  • Ensure compliance with oversight procedures
  • Provide consistent and careful oversight of plans
  • Procedures for selecting and monitoring investment options
  • Litigation and fiduciary insurance issues and considerations
  • Current claims, theories and exposures
  • Best practices from a fiduciary insurer’s perspective on reducing risk and improving litigation

For more information or to register, please visit: http://www.straffordpub.com/products/retirement-plan-fiduciary-duties-reducing-legal-risks-in-the-current-market-2009-07-28