Sponsored Seminars

Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Georgia


Atlanta, GA

Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Midtown
97 10th Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 524-4006

The world of easements may not be as impossible as you think.

Do not let the intimidating complexity of easements cause you anxiety. Whether you're looking to draft, comply or fight one, our local experts will give you the know-how to succeed - without getting caught in exhausting and expensive legal battles.

Attend this seminar and get the practical easements information you won't find anywhere else. You will hear it all - the requirements of an easement and how to make them bulletproof. Interpret and understand the meaning of easement terms, recording, priority and interference issues. You will learn how to deal with unrecorded easements, taking of easements by eminent domain and numerous other issues related exclusively to easements. All you've ever wanted to know about easements, all in one place, all in one day. Register now.

 Benefits for You

- Discover ways to help the environment and protect a real estate investment through conservation easements

- Make sure nothing gets missed in easement termination

- End jargon confusion: become fluent in easement terms and concepts

- Succeed in easement disputes through our faculty's expert guidance

 Learning Objectives

- You will be able to review the history of easements.

- You will be able to discuss reciprocal easement agreements (REA's).

- You will be able to describe conservation easements, termination of easements and prescriptive easements.

- You will be able to explain litigating access easement disputes.

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