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Massachusetts Peculiarities: An Employer’s Guide to Wage and Hour Law in the Bay State


Boston, Massachusetts

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Following up on our recent publication of Massachusetts Peculiarities: An Employer's Guide to Wage and Hour Law in the Bay State, Seyfarth Shaw’s Boston office will provide an overview of Massachusetts wage and hour laws, including a review of the significant court decisions and regulatory authorities interpreting these laws and discussion of the ways in which these laws differ from federal law.  It is our goal to assist in-house counsel and human resources professionals in identifying policies and practices that may expose their Massachusetts business to risks that may be significantly reduced or avoided altogether.  Specific topics to be covered include:

  • How Massachusetts minimum wage and overtime law differs from federal law.
  • A discussion of the so-called “Blue Laws,” that restrict, with many exceptions, work on Sundays and certain holidays.
  • The Massachusetts tip law and its traps for the unwary.
  • The Massachusetts statute that constricts the use of independent contractors more narrowly than under federal and other states’ laws.
  • The state’s unique and stringent statute that mandates treble damages for virtually all Massachusetts wage and hour violations.