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New Illinois Law Requires State to Notify of Off -Site Releases and Gives State Controversial Authority to Compel Clean-ups




On July 27th, Governor Blagojevich signed into a law a signifi cant amendment aff ecting virtually all present and past owners, lessees, and users of property at which an environmental release has occurred. Th e new law requires the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to notify off -site property owners if contamination from a release extends beyond the property line and grants IEPA broad – and controversial – authority to compel the remediation of off -site clean-ups. Please join us on September 8th for a Webcast presentation on the potential impacts of this new law.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Notification of Contamination
  • Notification of Enforcement or Removal Actions
  • Administrative Order Authority - New Section 22.2d of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act

Participation is free but prior online registration is required. Detailed instructions will be e-mailed to all registrants two days prior to the event.

Please contact Meridith Fee at mfee@seyfarth.com for more information.