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Pam Devata speaking at Strafford Publications Webinar on Pre-employment Credit Checks



Pam Devata will be speaking at the webinar, "Pre-Employment Credit Checks Under Heightened Scrutiny."  Pam will discuss the use of pre-employment credit checks and examine the employment law risks of conducting credit checks. 

Pam and her fellow panelists will offer their perspectives and guidance on these and other critical questions:

  • How are the EEOC, U.S. Congress and the states addressing the growing use of credit checks as an employment pre-screening measure?
  • How can businesses balance their duty to conduct due diligence background checks on applicants against their obligation to comply with federal and state laws when making employment decisions?
  • What are the best practices for employers when developing and implementing policies for using credit histories when screening applicants?

Firm clients are eligible to attend this seminar at 50% off.  For more information and to register click here