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Pregnancy Leave: How to Avoid Discrimination Complaints


Audio Conference

Devjani Mishra, associate at Seyfarth Shaw, will be presenting at the upcoming ioma audio conference, Pregnancy Leave: How to Avoid Discrimination Complaints.  The conference will cover:

  • What every company should know about the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 and the FMLA
  • Why employers that are subject to the FMLA should not have a “maternity leave policy” (hint: overall leave policies are better!)
  • What you should do—and not do—when an employee tells you she’s pregnant
  • How ADA disability laws apply to pregnancy situations
  • Discrimination pitfalls—women who apply for promotions before going on maternity leave; pregnant job applicants; same-sex parental leave—and how to steer your way legally around them
  • How to address excessive absences for doctors visits or pregnancy-related illnesses
  • What to do if a pregnant employee or new mother refuses to return to a full-time schedule
  • Laying off an employee who is on maternity leave What accommodations (i.e. part-time work or desk duty) must be made and for how long for pregnant employees
  • Do employers have to grant women with high-risk pregnancies more leave time than what is allowed to other disabled employees?

For registration information, please visit the event's website.