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Professionals With Dyslexia - Success In The Workplace: The Challenges & Advantages Of Dyslexia


Boston, MA
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
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Boston, MA

Creative problem solving, an ability to grasp the big picture, and accomplishing audacious goals are a few of the traits shared by many people with dyslexia. Increasingly, dyslexia is being viewed not just as a disability to overcome, but also as a strength that provides advantages in the working world.  Industry leaders having dyslexia include famous names such as Charles Schwab, Ted Turner, Richard Branson, and David Boies.  A recent study found that 35% of American entrepreneurs are dyslexic.  Seyfarth Shaw LLP is partnering with the Massachusetts Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (MABIDA) to present a unique program for professionals with dyslexia to share experiences and explore the connection between dyslexia and successful business traits.

A Program By And For Adults With Dyslexia Led By A Panel Of Successful Dyslexic Professionals

  • Software Company CEO
  • Law Firm Partner
  • Private Practice Psychiatric Nurse

Panel Discussion & Break-out Sessions

  • Strategies for achieving success in the workplace
  • Common obstacles and useful compensating strategies
  • Advantages of dyslexia and how to harness them
  • Fostering relationships among dyslexic professional

Followed by a Wine & Cheese Networking Reception

 Registration and Questions:

To register or ask questions call (617) 946-4873 or email

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Sponsored by the Massachusetts Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (MABIDA) and Seyfarth Shaw LLP