Sponsored Seminars

Seyfarth to Sponsor TEI's 2017 The Presidents' Symposium of Chicago


Chicago, IL
Seyfarth is sponsoring TEI's 2017 The Presidents' Symposium of Chicago taking place September 12th.
About the Event:
You can’t google the solution to an important business problem. What you can do is listen to and discuss how other CEOs have addressed the same issues of concern to your business. From enlightening “case study” presentations to inspiring smaller roundtables and substantial peer-to-peer networking, you’ll get practical solutions, generate new ideas and make valuable business connections.
  • Presentations: Successful owners and prominent leaders discuss best practices to resolve key business issues.
  • Roundtable Interaction: Participate in engaging Q&A sessions with the Symposiums' CEO, faculty and other top-level experts.
  • Networking: Share ideas, develop leads to expand your market, and build your business through strategic alliances.