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Teleconference - Employers' Exposure to Independent Contractor Misclassification



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 AG Memo re Advisory 

 AG Advisory 2008-1 

 HB 311

Massachusetts employers are open to increased exposure to wage and hour claims resulting from the misclassification of independent contractors. Join our teleconference to understand how the new wage and hour treble damage law and the recent activities of state government authorities focusing on employee misclassification will impact Massachusetts employers.


  • Increased Focus on Employee Misclassification
    • MA Attorney General's Office: Recent Guidance on the Independent Contractor Statute
    • MA Legislature: Proposed Amendment Redefining Independent Contractor Status (Chapter 149, Section 148B)
    • MA Governor's Office: Joint Enforcement Task Force on the Underground Economy & Employee Misclassification
  • Ways to Identify Exposure to Misclassification of Contingent Workforces
  • Understanding Common Misclassification Issues Impact of New Mandatory Treble
  • Damages Wage & Hour Law on Employers

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