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Workplace Class Action Litigation Trends For 2009




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What are the key trends impacting employment-related class action litigation today and how will they impact employers in the coming year?

Seyfarth Shaw LLP’s Fifth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report analyzes the leading class action and collective action decisions of 2008 involving claims against employers. Please join Seyfarth attorneys for a webinar that will discuss the key federal and state court trends in 2008, how those trends will impact companies, and steps that employers can take to minimize litigation risks in 2009:

  • First, the financial meltdown of the economy during 2008 fueled more class action litigation. How will the economy continue to affect workplace litigation in 2009?
  • Second, job displacements caused by the troubled economy brought further exposure to workplace litigation for employers. What does this mean for employers in 2009?
  • Third, the volume of wage and hour litigation continues to increase exponentially. Collective actions pursued in federal court under the Fair Labor Standards Act outnumbered all other types of private class actions in employment-related cases. How can employers prepare for and minimize wage and hour litigation risks in 2009?
  • Fourth, the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 continued to have significant effects on workplace litigation.  How will this impact litigation strategy over the next year?
  • Fifth, the financial stakes in workplace class action litigation increased in 2008. What should employers know about how the plaintiffs' bar and the government are approaching damage recoveries and enforcement litigation
    in 2009?

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