Sponsored Seminars

Seyfarth to Sponsor and Bob Sell to Present at "Digital Manufacturing in the Middle Market" at UI Labs Innovation Center


Chicago IL

UI LABS Innovation Center
1415 N Cherry Ave

Seyfarth is a co-sponsor of "Digital Manufacturing in the Middle Market" at UI Labs Innovation Center in Chicago on May 15. Bob Sell, a partner in Seyfarth’s Corporate department, will participate on the panel discussion.
The transition to digital manufacturing has become more popular with the rise in the quantity and quality of computer systems in manufacturing plants, but it has not been as readily implemented in the Middle Market as it has in multi-billion dollar corporations with large budgets. Many struggle just to define and understand what digital manufacturing really is and what it can do for them, not realizing that there are resources right here in Chicago they can leverage. This event will explore what digital manufacturing really is and how it can be a benefit for your company.
The agenda includes: 
  • Keynote Speaker
    Craig Habeger, Division Manager at Caterpillar - Innovation & Technology Development, will focus on the importance of digital manufacturing to Caterpillar, DMDII's role in helping foster the broader use of digital manufacturing, and how Caterpillar views digital manufacturing for the middle market with respect to its suppliers/supply chain
  • Panel Discussion
    The panel will take a look at how a middle market business owner/leader approaches the path toward digital marketing -- if, when, how? Panelists will identify issues to consider across multiple functions and industry perspectives when making those decisions.
  • Facility Tour
    DMDII will host participants for an experiential learning tour to explore how digital technologies impact the factory floor and are redefining how people, processes, and equipment will function in the “Future Factory.” Participants will be exposed to commercially available solutions that can be immediately adopted into your organization's operations, without implementing a disruptive change program. Tour highlights include demonstrating software solutions that range from driving product design and manufacturing, to solutions that add embedded intelligence and insight into connected systems.
  • Networking