Sponsored Seminars

Seyfarth to sponsor “Impact Investing: Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns”


Washington, D.C.
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Seyfarth Shaw is a lead sponsor of  “Impact Investing: Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns,” an educational and networking event for heads of foundations, institutional investors, fund managers, and market analysts. The day covers the latest trends in impact investing.
The event will help attendees discover how investors and foundations are changing their investment strategies to include sustainable projects while maximizing returns. Attendees will learn to apply next-generation ideas and tools to find innovative investments that bridge the gap between purpose and profit.
John Shire, a Corporate partner in Seyfarth’s D.C. office, will lead the day’s first session, “Reframing Impact Investing: Meeting Financial Performance Expectations While Investing With Purpose,” an interview with Fanglu Wang, a senior managing director at CITIC Capital Silk Road Fund. 
In the afternoon, Mr. Shire will moderate the panel discussion, “The Pivot to Renewable Energy: Optimizing Old Infrastructure to Support Divestiture.”
Other panels and presentations discuss:
  • restoring balance by connecting capitalism and markets with Main Street
  • how sustainable development goals might align performance and scale risk control
  • the role public equities play in shaping the impact investor sector
  • the role of impact investing across asset classes
  • an investor’s view on green bonds and addressing climate change
  • the impact of American dependence on foreign capital
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • the connection between philanthropy, Impact, and the next generation of investors
The event is hosted by Skytop Strategies and Seyfarth Shaw is one of the event’s two lead sponsors, along with Rockefeller & Co. To register or gather more information, click here.