Media Mentions

Angelo Paparelli Published in The New York Law Journal
“Goldilocks’ Lessons for Dealing With Bearish Immigration Police”


Immigration partner Angelo Paparelli’s article regarding U.S. companies that are threatened by the immigration police is published in The New York Law Journal. Angelo notes that unlike the Three Bears of fairy-tale fame who were shocked by Goldilocks’ unexpected home invasion, most Americans these days keep their doors locked. The same cannot be said for our country, Angelo notes, whose doors (our borders, both external and at the worksite), have not been fully sealed against illegal entries.

Angelo explains that although U.S. immigration concerns have generated angry polarization across the political spectrum, on one matter politicians of virtually every allegiance now agree: The federal government must crack down harder on businesses that flout immigration laws by employing unauthorized foreign workers.

Angelo recommends a series of actions that companies should consider adopting post-haste:

  • assess immigration compliance,
  • determine how counsel should present the audit report,
  • be prepared for fallout and take necessary corrective actions,
  • adopt and enforce an immigration compliance policy,
  • place controls on employment-based immigration sponsorship,
  • incorporate immigration protections in vendor contracts and manage vendor
  • performance and conduct,
  • review and strengthen global mobility practices.