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Andrew Boutros' book reviewed by the ABA


Andrew Boutros' book, "THE ABA COMPLIANCE OFFICER’S DESKBOOK," written alongside co-authors T. Markus Funk and James T. O’Reilly, was reviewed in the Winter issue of the ABA Criminal Justice Magazine, "Three Important Books Worthy of Your Time." The review states, "If you are a compliance officer or know someone who is, this is the one book to own or give them. It is a complete guide on how to conquer the day-to-day challenges in the compliance world. The book offers 15 chapters written in a crisp and engaging style designed to inform readers about the reality of the compliance world as well as to offer possible solutions to common issues. The authors offer decades of experience in this field and use their background to write a 'user-friendly/subject rich' book. It is designed to be a 'first-line' resource rather than a nuanced treatise in the area. You can read the full Winter issue here

You can order the book here.