Technology Solutions

Technology is a fundamental element of our SeyfarthLean approach, and we use it to facilitate efficiency, collaboration and insight.

In recognition of the growing role of technology in the delivery of legal services, we continue to invest in technology capabilities to help legal teams work smarter, not harder.

In close partnership with SeyfarthLean Consulting, Seyfarth Shaw delivers enhanced service experiences through the integration of right-sized technology. Building on the broad capabilities of SeyfarthLink, our award-winning collaboration platform, we work directly with clients to custom-develop lightweight, flexible applications for easier legal matter management and simpler collaboration across organizational boundaries. Our technology solutions are designed with practice-specific needs and real-world workflows in mind.  Examples of our customized applications include:

Workflow and project management solutions to capture, drive, coordinate activity, and report on an array of information across a variety of legal and compliance services

Practice-specific data management solutions to support improved program management in compliance, easier matter management across labor and employment, real estate, intellectual property,  and litigation

Document automation and expert systems with dynamic document templates to increase efficiency and accuracy in the creation of routine documents

Data visualization and analytics to provide strategic insight for client decision-making

Decision support tools to streamline the capture of complex information and to create self-help content that provides just-in-time support for businesses’ legal and compliance decisions

The Legal Solutions and Product teams at SeyfarthLean Consulting are comprised of technologists with legal training, data analysts and application development specialists. Working in close collaboration with Seyfarth legal teams and our clients, our team of interdisciplinary professionals designs, builds, and deploys technology solutions that address real user needs and pain points. We also look for trends and patterns across client requests, using those insights and market landscape analysis to inform our efforts in software development and service design. We use rapid prototyping, Agile project management techniques and ongoing client feedback to quickly move from concept to pilot to solution. Our rich experience with clients has informed the development of a number of highly-acclaimed tools that increase transparency and efficiency, including SeyfarthLink, our next generation legal management platform.

In every instance, we believe that the effective adoption of technology depends on creating a shared understanding of client objectives and team readiness. For this reason, we also offer onboarding, training and ongoing support for our technology solutions.