Mar 17, 2021

Introducing Pioneers and Pathfinders [Trailer]

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Say hello to the newest member of the Seyfarth podcast family!

Pioneers and Pathfinders is our newest podcast about the people driving change in the legal industry. Interviews will focus on how the unique journeys of our guests inform their thinking about the profession, the business of law, the solutions they create, and where the industry is going next. The podcast will feature people from multiple backgrounds and perspectives drawn from a number of areas including talent, technology, diversity and inclusion, social justice, education, training, and the business of law.

With new episodes every week, our upcoming guest roster includes:

  • Jason Barnwell, Assistant General Counsel-Modern Legal at Microsoft
  • Nicole Bradick, Founder and CEO, Theory and Principle 
  • Mark Cohen, Legal Mosaic and Executive Chairman of The Digital Legal Exchange
  • Dr. Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and co-founder, Gardner & Co 
  • Susan Hackett, CEO, Legal Executive Leadership LLC
  • Christian Lang, Head of Strategy and Vendor Ecosystem, Reynan Court 
  • Dan Linna, Professor and Director of Law and Technology Initiatives at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law & McCormick School of Engineering
  • Cat Moon, Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School
  • Dr. Larry Richard, Founder, LawyerBrain
  • Alex Su, Director of Business Development, Evisort 
  • Jae Um, Founder, Six Parsecs 

The host of Pioneers and Pathfinders is our own J. Stephen Poor, chair emeritus and co-lead of Seyfarth Labs. Steve brings his own experience as a legal industry pioneer to these conversations, resulting in insights that are both fascinating and instructive.

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