International Employee Benefits

As U.S. companies expand their global workforce, they must contend with the legal requirements and restrictions imposed on their workforces by all countries in which they do business, as well as those mandated in the United States.

The key for management within a company is retaining the company’s competitive edge for talent in non-U.S. jurisdictions and ensuring compliance with the laws in those countries. In this respect, we have extensive experience developing practical compensation and benefit alternatives for our clients in countries whose legal requirements challenge the company’s accepted compensation structures.

As a company expands internationally, the total compensation packages it offers to its non-U.S. employees must also evolve to support the new directions and initiatives it pursues globally, regionally, and locally. We assist companies with foreign country compensation plan design and implementation while keeping them fully apprised of any legal roadblocks (such as changes in tax and labor law) and the creative solutions available. Additionally, we have focused experience in mobile employee strategies, including the relevant tax, social security, employee benefits, employment law, and other legal issues related to transferring executives abroad (outbound), as well as the hiring of foreign nationals in the United States (inbound). To complement these counseling services, we draft and negotiate employment and consulting agreements, dual pay arrangements, non-competes and confidentiality agreements, as well as equity compensation arrangements that coordinate with the underlying goals of the U.S. parent company’s compensation strategies.

We are frequently called upon to assist multinational clients with respect to the employee benefit aspects of international mergers and acquisitions, and the impact of such transactions on the U.S. company’s global workforce. We identify and resolve the issues surrounding dismissals, terminations, severance obligations and settlements, and the elimination or substantial revision of benefit plans (including the merger of comparable plans). This is done strategically in the context of the company’s desire to obtain global benefits integration on a global scale, or alternatively, with individual local country programs and plans. Our team assesses the organization in this process and balances the total benefits package in light of the company’s anticipated corporate change. Our in-depth understanding of the legal environment around the globe in the benefits area ensures that our clients attain a competitive, international employee benefits program.

The professional relationships we have developed with our international colleagues in more than 120 countries are leveraged to the direct benefit of our clients. These relationships enable us to offer expeditious turnaround on legal issues, allowing our clients to rapidly respond to real-time benefit issues that transpire in other countries.

Our international services include assisting companies with:

  • Global equity compensation extensions
  • Mobile employee issues
  • Immigration issues
  • Employee benefit issues in international mergers and acquisitions
  • International compensation packages
  • Global retirement benefits integration or individually designed local retirement programs