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Resources and insights on what's next as the US economy reopens.

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As shelter-in-place orders are lifted, your business will enter uncharted territory. COVID-19 will permanently alter supply chains, workforce planning, service models, and growth strategies. How will you respond?

Task Force

This resource center is sponsored by our COVID-19 Task Force, a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys working together to advise clients on short-term responses and long-term strategies for dealing with the effects of the pandemic on their businesses.

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Post-Pandemic Planning

The pandemic is affecting businesses and industries deemed both essential and non-essential, and creating specific legal, business, and workforce issues that must be addressed. Get our insights here. 

  • COVID-19 Passports: Employer Considerations

    For many private employers around the world, it might be too soon to know what COVID-19 passports, if any, they will recognize, encourage, or even require.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Center

    Get an interactive map that provides links on state vaccination plans including executive summaries and full vaccine plans where available, plus other vaccine updates and resources.

  • Remote Workforces Practice

    Now more than ever, you need a remote and flexible work strategy that addresses the legal perspective alongside the potential impacts to your business model.

More Post-Pandemic Planning

CDC explains that the shutdown or reduced operation of a building and reductions in normal water use can create hazards for returning occupants. It recommends in its updated Guidance for Reopening Buildings that building owner-operators check for hazards before reopening. Hazards may include lead and copper contamination, mold, and Legionella (the cause of Legionnaires’ disease).

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In this webinar, our panel discusses the legal and practical immigration compliance issues employers can anticipate when restarting business operations, bringing employees back to the workplace, and maintaining compliance for those who continue to work from home.

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How will employees safely return to work, how will employers keep employees and customers safe from COVID-19, and what are employers required by law to do have been highly charged and sometimes highly politicized topics.  This collection of quick, under-10-minute audiocasts puts aside those questions and addresses the “why” behind masks in the workplace, the “how” behind symptom and temperature screening, and the top questions employers need answered.

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These recent weeks have created new questions and challenges for employers across the nation.

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As employers embark on reopening their businesses and implementing return to work plans, they face a potential wave of workplace class action litigation. Such lawsuits have begun to roll in and courts have started to weave a patch-work quilt of responses. Early results show trends beginning to emerge and lessons for employers embroiled in these actions.

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The Audit and Checklist from Seyfarth at Work provides a roadmap to identify areas of potential WFH management inconsistency, which should form the basis for developing updated and targeted manager guidelines as well as your remote supervision skills training.

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Business reopening their doors to serve customers have many issues to consider, and now they must add to their list customers refusing to wear masks because of a claimed disability.

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Seyfarth at Work's COVID-related Return to Work Communications and Training Checklist provides a roadmap to identify those informational areas that employers may not have considered and which should inform targeted education, announcements, and policy guidance.

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Environmental Protection Agency jointly developed and released guidance that is generally intended for everybody, whether a business, a school, a nursing facility, or to ensure the cleanliness and safety of a private home. The guidance is part of the larger White House plan and focuses on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes.

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As we begin to focus on what the return to work will look like, as well as what the "new normal" will be, organizations of all sizes will need to be prepared to address COVID-19 related litigation matters that are sure to arise.

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On April 16, 2020, the White House issued its “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again,” and several states have begun a slow process of emerging from the shutdown. But even the most optimistic scenarios are fraught with uncertainty. Nobody can predict when the economy will fully reopen, or what that even means in the post-COVID-19 business world. Will increased remote work become the “new normal”? Will business meetings, pitches, and conferences, continue to take place by videoconference or other remote means? What about investigations, depositions, mediations, and court proceedings? And how long will all of that last? We also do not know when the next pandemic will strike, or even if COVID-19 will rear its ugly head again in the near future.

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With customers staying home and businesses closing, the drop in revenue for retailers has been sudden and dramatic, forcing many retailers to seek relief from rental and other lease obligations. At the same time, retailers are grappling with what reopening will look like, as federal and state governments begin to offer guidelines for life and business following the lifting of stay-at-home orders.

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Vaccine Resource Center

The COVID-19 vaccine brings renewed optimism and hope, along with a host of questions and compliance issues for employers. Our team of industry leading employment attorneys have created this resource to help.

Latest COVID-19 Updates

As new developments emerge and the legal implications take shape, we post frequent updates authored by a cross-disciplinary team with attorneys from benefits, corporate and tax, immigration, employment, real estate, and more. Subscribe here. 

  • EEOC Releases Vaccination Guidance

    The Guidance does not specifically address employer questions related to the treatment of unvaccinated and vaccinated employees in the workplace.

  • IRS Guidance on ARPA COBRA Subsidy

    The American Rescue Plan Act requires plan sponsors to provide free COBRA coverage from April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, to individuals who lose coverage.

  • OSHA Adopts CDC Fully Vaccinated Guidance

    OSHA temporarily adopted CDC’s May 13, 2021 guidance for fully vaccinated individuals in many non-healthcare settings.

More Updates

Visit our COVID-19 Employee Benefits Toolkit page

Paid Leave Legislation and Analysis

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Visit our COVID-19 Litigation Toolkit page

Visit our COVID-19 Litigation Toolkit page

COVID-19: On-Demand Webinars

Our cross-disciplinary team of Seyfarth attorneys advises clients on short-term responses and long-term strategies for dealing with the effects of the pandemic on their businesses. Browse on-demand webinars by topic and by practice.

Industry Guidance

Our team is advising businesses across health care, hospitality, air and rail, franchise, and manufacturing. Stop here for the latest.

  • PPP & Auto Dealers: Lifeline or Added Debt?

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting state and local shut down orders effectively closed many dealership showrooms and securing PPP loans were seen as a lifesaver for many dealers.

  • FDA Aggressively Monitoring COVID-19 Ads

    FDA has approved no vaccine or treatment to cure, treat or prevent COVID-19 and is therefore keenly watching the marketplace.

  • 50-State Survey of Liability Protections

    The 50-State Survey of Liability Protections for Senior Living and Long-Term Care Facilities can help identify potential legal risks and liabilities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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State & Local Updates

Public Resources

With an onslaught of information regarding the novel coronavirus, our team has curated a list of public resources to help you better assess the risks.

  • CDC Coronavirus Site

    A dedicated microsite for information on prevention, symptoms, and treatment.

  • World Health Organization

    Information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    This website provides key EPA resources on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Additional COVID-19 resources from government agencies, states, and medical organizations.