Speaking Engagement

Ken Wilton Speaks On Panel at INTA 2019 Annual Conference


Boston, MA
Ken Wilton participated in a panel titled CSU51 Overview of and Recent Worldwide Developments in Unfair Competition Law at the INTA 2019 Annual Conference in Boston on Sunday, May 19. 
As a close sibling to trademarks, the law of unfair competition in its many forms provides a broader avenue for challenging deceptive business practices that harm competitors or consumers. The panel discussed the similarities and differences in the way unfair competition is defined in various jurisdictions, and how those differences impact the claims and remedies available. 
Accompanying Ken was moderator Jonathan Colombo of Bereskin & Parr LLP. The other speakers included Hatty Cui of Rouse, Lindesay Low of Scotch Whisky Association, Kristin Renee McNulty of Intel Corporation, and Alexandra Roberts of UNH School of Law.