Speaking Engagement

Howard Pianko to Present at PLI’s Seminar


New York

Experienced practitioners in the area of pension investment law, together with senior representatives of the Department of Labor, will give their perspectives and illuminate issues on current topics and recent developments. Continued statutory, regulatory and market changes ensure a full agenda of new developments to be debated and analyzed by the panelists.

The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation brought a new regulatory structure for pension investment activities in the derivatives markets that raises substantial uncertainties for a broad group of investment products, and compliance issues for plan fiduciaries. Keeping abreast of these developments, and staying current on new ERISA case law, enforcement actions and ordinary course investment practices, is critical.

What you will learn:

  • Department of Labor perspectives on developments relating to prohibited transaction exemptions, and compliance and litigation priorities
  • Legislative and regulatory developments, including developments concerning investment advice regulation, fiduciary status, the provision of services, and reporting requirements
  • Current DC plan topics, including plan governance, fees and revenue sharing
  • Controlled group and termination liability developments
  • Fiduciary issues in healthcare

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