Case Study

Oct 22, 2019

Building a Custom Contract Management Solution

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One of the largest US restaurant chains was searching for a contract management solution to streamline and standardize the flow of its corporate contracts. Unable to find a flexible platform that could be tailored to its current and future needs, the restaurant chain turned to us.


Working with the in-house counsel team, together we process mapped and developed sourcing parameters for the intake, triage, sourcing, and management of its corporate contracts. Once this model was process-mapped to ensure consistency and efficiency, we shifted into the technology development phase with Seyfarth Labs. Over the span of six months, the Seyfarth Labs team harnessed the power of our proprietary Seyfarth Solver and Seyfarth Link platforms to create and hone a self-service contract management solution that accommodated all the client’s current needs and was easily scalable for future uses.


Since its launch, the client has processed over 3,500 contract requests through the system, standardizing and streamlining its portfolio of corporate contracts. The new contract management solution and dashboard also provides instant insight into the client’s corporate contracts, which can be analyzed via a variety of key performance indicators.