Webinar Recording

Jul 24, 2020

Webinar Recording: Influence in Social Media

Presented by The Belonging Project
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About the Program

Social media accounts for over 30% of time spent online. Keeping up with the latest social channels and their functionalities can feel like a full-time job. In this session, we will discuss a few tips for every aspect of social media in business—including the business of law. And remember, the beauty of social is its diversity. Businesses and individuals bring their own voice, tone, and approach to social media. Creating new and engaging content on the fly in an unpredictable time is not easy work, but there are tricks to making sure you do it right. The positive side in all of this is the shifting expectations of audiences who now are comfortable with and enjoy the more raw, unfiltered, authentic content that brands are producing.


Susan C. Freeman
Freeman Means Business, CEO & Founder

Susan’s mission and passion is helping women achieve workplace equity in professional environments created without them. Susan knows that to reach parity in the workplace and for individuals to have masterful communication styles and gravitas—both sexes need to understand and employ each’s communication style.  She leverages her vast communication, executive sales, and business development expertise to teach women the communication skills necessary to successfully navigate business organizations  built by men—and to help men appreciate how communications skills normally associated with women can propel them forward, as well as help them communicate effectively with women.  Susan is a masterful orator and trainer who enhances the communication skills of both sexes and improves the performance and culture of organizations.

Susan has worked with some of the most prestigious law firms and financial services institutions in the world. Susan is the co-author of the book “THE ULTIMATE WOMEN ASSOCIATES’ LAW FIRM MARKETING CHECKLIST.” She has been published in "California Lawyers Association" and has published, “The Art & Science of Persuasion” for Legal Business World. Susan also published an article in Mike O’Horo’s Rainmaker blog, “Good Questions Are More Powerful Than Any Answers.”

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