Feb 16, 2021

Into the Breach Podcast - Episode 7: The RW Exchange: Embracing New Technology in Your Next Transaction

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Into the Breach is the first law firm podcast exclusively devoted to reps and warranties insurance and the transactional risk markets. Hosted by Seyfarth partners Bryan M. O’Keefe and Gena B. Usenheimer, each week the hosts in their unique, buoyant style, interview leaders from the industry, and explore the latest developments, market trends, and news impacting RWI and transactional risk insurance.

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Episode 7: The RW Exchange: Embracing New Technology in Your Next Transaction

Even though RWI is an innovative product, most practitioners in the space utilize a decidedly low-tech approach to the deal process: a seemingly endless stream of emails back and forth between insurers, brokers, insured, and underwriting counsel. This cumbersome process can lead to lost productivity and an inefficient use of time. The RW-Exchange is a new tech resource that specifically targets the RWI process and aims to make transactional risk insurance placements more streamlined and organized, thereby adding value and saving time.

In this episode, Bryan and Gena go “high-tech” with Kirk Sanderson, Founder and Managing Partner at M&A Insurance Solutions, and the creator of the RW-Exchange, to discuss:

  • How Kirk developed the RW-Exchange concept
  • An explanation of the features and benefits of RW-Exchange
  • How using this new resource can save insurers, brokers, and attorneys valuable time
  • Pricing for the product
  • Steps on how to utilize it in your next transaction


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