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Mar 3, 2020

Seyfarth to Sponsor and Chuck Wall to Speak at P3C Conference

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Dallas, TX

Seyfarth is a sponsor of the P3C Conference in Dallas, Texas taking place March 2-4, 2020.

Chuck Wall, partner in Seyfarth's Construction Group, will be serving as a moderator for the panel “P3 Risk Balance and Expectation Management” on March 3. One of the hallmarks of a successful P3 project is the sharing of risk between the public and private sectors. Each sector would prefer to reduce their risk on the project, but there are serious cost impacts when the other sector absorbs more risk. Where can the balance be stricken and how can you be sure you have identified all the project risk categories for which transfer is an appropriate deal point? This panel will discuss how public and private sector participants can work together to establish expectations and strike a fair balance for risk transfer between them on P3 jobs. The panel will address how risk transfer in design and construction costs, operational and maintenance risk, and political risk can impact the value for money analysis. The panel will also discuss risk allocation between the private and public sectors, as well as amongst the various members of the private concessionaire team. Finally, once the appropriate risk categories have been identified, the panel will discuss the different vehicles available to implementing risk transfer.