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Nov 20, 2019

Seyfarth to Sponsor and Daniel Evans to Moderate “Bridging the Gap: Bridge Lending and the CRE CLO Market” at Commercial Observer Fall Financing Commercial Real Estate Forum

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New York, NY

Seyfarth Shaw LLP is a sponsor of the Commercial Observer 4th Annual Fall Financing Commercial Real Estate Forum in New York, NY on November 20, 2019.

Daniel Evans, partner in Seyfarth’s Real Estate department, will be serving as a moderator for the panel “Bridging the Gap: Bridge Lending and the CRE CLO Market.” Bridge lenders are having their day in the sun, with more transitional properties in need of short-term financing and a seemingly endless number of lenders—old and new—ready to step up and provide those dollars. The bridge loan sector is also providing ample collateral for the CRE CLO market, which doubled its 2017 issuance volume in 2018. Reflecting on the past year, how are bridge loans performing? Are borrowers executing their business plans on time or refinancing into another bridge loan? And what does this mean for CRE CLOs? The panel will discuss which asset types are considered the safest bridge lending opportunities; whether sponsorship is key; what is driving investment in the CRE CLO market; how the collateral in today’s CRE CLOs differ from pre-crisis vehicles; how heightened competition in the bridge loan market is impacting underwriting standards; and what this all means for borrowers on their path to permanent financing.