Media Mentions

Robert Bodansky and Joshua Drewitz Published in BNA’s Federal Contracts Report
“The Challenges of Getting and Keeping Intelligence Contracts”


An article by Washington, D.C. attorneys Robert Bodansky and Joshua Drewitz was published in the October 18 issue of BNA’s Federal Contracts Report. In the article, Bob and Josh discuss how to get—and keep—government intelligence contracts. According to the authors, the most important factor in securing such a contract is in securing quality in-house talent with specific institutional knowledge.

“Employees critical to intelligence contracts are assets on which an entire government contract may rest,” they emphasize. “Companies should identify these employees and regard them as the assets that they are. Many U.S. companies, particularly in the intelligence gathering field, are already suffering a shortage of executive talent. Recruiting superior talent and retaining the employees who meet these hard to fulfill roles at agencies is key to winning and keeping intelligence agency contracts.”