Ameena Y.Majid


Ameena helps her clients maintain their culture and retain employees through compensation incentives, and navigating the rapidly-changing ESG landscape, with an emphasis on addressing human rights in policy and business practices.

More About Ameena

The quickly evolving and complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape shaped by investors and other business approaches are shifting the paradigm of the role of business in society. As clients adapt to this changing landscape, looking for and retaining top talent also remains a constant challenge for Ameena's clients. By combining her experience with executive compensation and her understanding of the ESG landscape (particularly the increasing focus on forced labor and human rights in supply chains), she helps her clients understand and respond to the varied stakeholder expectations on their businesses.

Ameena has over 20 years of experience navigating and counseling on the corporate and fiduciary governance and technical complexities of executive compensation and employee benefits for Fortune 20 to 500 companies, across industries. As an advisory board member to, and impact investor in, Able Made PBC, a Delaware B corporation and sustainably forward fashion brand, Ameena brings a business, growth and pragmatic mindset to her legal practice as companies respond to heightened expectations for integrating both environmental and human rights decisions into cultivating ethical supply chains.

This experience, combined with her anti-modern slavery advocacy work with Stop the Traffik USA, gives Ameena a unique background and heightened sensitivity to advice on ESG disclosures, associated legal risks, governance considerations, due diligence approaches to support disclosures and the link to executive compensation. As co-chair of the firm’s ESG, Corporate Citizenship and Human Rights advisory group, she leads a dynamic trans-disciplinary group that is poised to provide integrated advice and counsel on implementing practical ESG and related stakeholder capitalism principles into a long-term business strategy that builds resiliency.

Ameena understands that compensation and benefits form the core of a talent retention strategy. She helps her clients provide incentives that align with their company values, and foster a culture that helps them attract, and more importantly, retain their employees. With ESG becoming a topic for boards of directors, the link to executive compensation is being discussed and scrutinized. Ameena assists companies with designing competitive executive compensation and employee benefit offerings that are compliant, competitive, and communicated in ways that protect the company, and make employees feel invested in the company's success. When an employment relationship ends, and severance is offered, Ameena strategizes with her clients to design a severance package tailored to the client’s particular interests at issue in the termination.

In all matters, Ameena partners with clients by educating them on the legal parameters, navigating obstacles, and achieving their desired results. She talks about the law through a human lens, taking into account her clients' comfort level on when and how to lead, so her advice is suitable for them. She isn't afraid to ask questions to better understand her clients' goals, nor is she afraid to give feedback on approaches clients have selected if she believes they are not meeting their goals.

Ameena's approach to her practice was formed in her childhood. As the youngest of immigrant parents, she was raised between two cultures that did not always externally align. This background has made her an observer, and she takes in information before stepping into any situation to meet people where they are. Ameena is also the sister to a disabled brother. These roles have given her a deep sense of empathy and an ability to see the nuances of any situation or person. Ameena's empathetic nature combined with decades of experience in the counseling practice enables her to quickly sift through the substance, process, and emotion of a given matter or situation. As a counselor, Ameena adheres to the basic tenets of respect, seeking to understand the larger business context and goals, and listening first to guide her clients.

  • JD, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
  • BA, University of Iowa
  • Illinois