Paul S.Drizner


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"I help clients understand and navigate the complex and often changing tax laws to address their current tax problems—and perhaps more importantly, avoid future tax issues."

More About Paul

Clients require clear, concise, and practical advice on how to deal with complex tax issues. Paul has spent more than 30 years counseling clients on those issues.

Paul's practice is primarily focused on structuring transactions and investments in a tax-efficient manner, but he also assists clients in a wide range of tax matters, including the taxation of employee fringe benefits and other compensation, employment tax compliance, the taxation of employment and other litigation settlements, and state income, employment, and sales tax matters.

Clients seek Paul's advice when they need help structuring the acquisition or disposition of a business or investment, or structuring a joint venture. These frequently involve the use of limited liability companies or partnerships in a way that is both tax-advantageous and that accurately achieves the desired economics of the deal. Paul is often faced with situations that require him to be creative in structuring transactions to avoid unwanted tax consequences and accomplish the client's economic goals.

Paul scales his service to meet clients' specific needs. For example, some situations only require him to educate the client on technical aspects of tax law and to provide practical advice, while others require him to be creative and assess various options to accomplish the client's goals. Regardless of the situation, Paul is able to explain the tax law and the clients' options and obligations in plain English, and in a way that does not overwhelm the client with technical tax language.

Having worked at Seyfarth for more than 25 years, Paul has depth of knowledge regarding the taxation of limited liability companies and partnerships, the tax treatment of employment-related settlements, the taxation of employee fringe benefits and other compensation, and employment tax compliance matters. He regularly advises clients concerning the tax consequences and tax compliance issues in connection with various types of employment litigation settlements, ranging from simple single-plaintiff cases to complex class actions involving the use of qualified settlements funds.

Practicing tax law in a firm with varied practice groups and offices in multiple cities allows him to engage with different types of clients, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, regarding a wide range of topics, which keeps his practice fresh and—despite what many might think of tax law—exciting.

"Tax law is complex, and it is imperative that I make it understandable to the client. If I don't, I am not doing my job."
  • JD, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

    Loyola Law Journal, editor

  • BA, University of Illinois
  • Illinois