SeyfarthLean Consulting

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At SeyfarthLean Consulting, our mission is to help clients meet emerging and evolving challenges: with big ideas, new approaches, and diverse competencies.

Now more than ever, in-house law departments need to prove the value of their own services to their businesses—but the shift from cost center to value center isn't easy. You face an increasingly complex environment, more priorities competing for your attention, and more options when buying legal services or technology solutions. The possibilities for change are numerous, but your goals and constraints are unique.


As a result of nearly two decades optimizing our own operations, we bring both practical experience and inventive thinking to the emerging area of law department operations. From assessment to delivery, our team can help you identify the right problem to solve and collaborate with you on lightweight, tech-enabled and process-driven solutions that people will actually use.

Our consultants are technologists, business strategists, data analytics specialists, and process improvement experts. Together, they design and build solutions to optimize legal services delivery, law department management, and use of inside and outside counsel.


Diagnostic and Assessment Services. Don't know where to start? Ask our experts. Our team can provide insights into what you're doing now, and actionable takeaways for improving service in the future. The result is a roadmap to operational success that improves your processes using Lean Six Sigma and design thinking principles.

Lean Training for Legal Teams. We offer Lean training and enablement programs for your in-house team to build new competencies in Agile and Lean project management and legal operations. If you are building an operations team, or looking to improve the operations of an existing team, this is a great place to start.

Technology Solutions. Our team of technologists works with a curated technology toolkit—including robotics, machine learning, AI and our award-winning tech platform Seyfarth Link—to create lightweight, easy-to-use solutions that help you move from managing the mundane to adding real strategic value to your organization.

Service Design. From building simple workflows to the management of complex portfolios of litigation, contracts, trademarks, and immigration, we bring real world experience in helping you put the right people on the right problem at the right moment in time. Work with us to build simpler ways to deliver service to your organization, all underpinned with technology that provides an executive-level view of status and the data-driven insights needed for continuous improvement.


Drawn from the principles of Lean Six Sigma and adapted to the practice of law, SeyfarthLean is a discipline that translates our client-centered thinking into measurable performance, at scale. For clients, the results are reduced costs, greater predictability and transparency, more efficiency, better use of technology, and better legal and business outcomes.

SeyfarthLean Consulting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seyfarth Shaw LLP.