Government Contracts

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Helping you navigate the complexity of government contracts to seize opportunities for your business.

As the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services, the United States government offers tremendous business opportunities for companies in every industry, including defense, communications, software, medical devices, professional services, transportation, and manufacturing.

Complicated rules apply when contracting with the government, including the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Achieving business objectives and avoiding violations of requirements, which could result in civil and criminal penalties and debarment, requires a thorough understanding of the regulations and practices governing government contracting. Our clients look to us for timely and experience-based advice on navigating the rules while achieving their business objectives with government contracts.


We provide comprehensive counseling to domestic and international businesses seeking to obtain and manage contracts with US federal, state, and local governments.

We work with clients in every industry and size of business. We have extensive experience assisting defense contractors, information technology manufacturers and service providers, high-tech firms, health care providers, and small business contractors. As part of a full-service firm, we are able to bring in specialist practitioners  to address transactional matters and compliance issues as required by the contract, including  construction, corporate and finance, and labor and employment.


Government Contract Counseling. Clients seek our counsel in obtaining and managing government contracts. We have extensive experience counseling clients on the range of issues affecting government contractors—from administrative matters to contract requirements and practices to evaluating claims.

Government Contract Compliance. Compliance with the laws, regulations, and requirements for government contractors is critical. We ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of compliance-related issues. We routinely assist clients in designing and maintaining effective corporate compliance programs, in training, and in demonstrating their corporate responsibilities to government procurement officials.