Speaking Engagement

Legal Quick Hit: But He Promised!: Making Consumer Contracts Enforceable In Today's Paternalistic Courts


Cost: This presentation is free and exclusive to ACC members.


3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern

For many years, courts routinely enforced consumer contracts and maintained that the failure to read an agreement is no excuse. Today, however, courts increasingly are relieving consumers from their obligations through unconscionability and other theories. In this webinar, Scott Pearson, co-chair of the Consumer Financial Services Litigation practice group, offers state-of-the-art advice on how best to ensure your consumer contracts and disclosures will be enforced.

Specifically , topics will include:

  • The increasing frequency with which courts are relieving consumers from the express terms of written agreements and disclosures;    
  • The types of provisions and disclosures that most frequently are being given no legal effect by paternalistic judges; and    
  • The latest strategies for designing contracts and disclosures for maximum enforceability and effect. 

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