Commercial Litigation

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We offer proactive commercial litigation strategies with your business interests and objectives in mind.

Commercial disputes come in many sizes, shapes, and levels of complexity, and no business is immune to their threat. From pre-dispute counseling and case analysis to battle in the courtroom, companies trust our team of problem solvers not only to aggressively pursue their interests, but also to step back and see the big picture—even as litigation moves at lightning speed.


While our attorneys have litigation experience across many industries and with many types of clients, we know there is no shortcut for understanding your business. That’s why our Commercial Litigation attorneys start by diving in to each client’s business and the issues at hand.

Transparency, partnership, and alignment guide our thinking at every turn. In high-stakes litigation, we keep the lines of communication open, giving clients real-time access to each step of the process, including strategy, staffing, and budgeting. By partnering with clients, our team is prepared when the opposing side throws the inevitable curve ball, and we work together to achieve the best outcome, even as those goals shift.

Comprised of more than 150 litigators and trial attorneys throughout the US, our team works with clients in all industries to address virtually every type of complex business dispute. This breadth of experience means deep insight into the effective arguments, examinations, and themes that resonate in the courtroom. At the same time, ensuring our services hit the mark often means avoiding traditional litigation. In those situations, our team guides clients through alternative dispute resolution, arbitration processes, and settlement strategies as soon as disputes arise.


Instinct and experience are crucial ingredients in a winning litigation strategy, but Seyfarth offers more. Our attorneys take a data-driven approach to litigation, fueled by sophisticated analytics that give us a comprehensive view into each client matter. With the client’s bottom line in sharp focus, the team uses quantitative litigation tools to evaluate the potential ROI of various dispute resolution strategies—giving real-time insight into each potential path. Our quantitative decision trees and backward-facing budgeting tools enable us to monitor and control client costs in real time.

Maximizing the knowledge and skills of Seyfarth’s attorneys worldwide, our Commercial Litigation team collaborates with the right attorneys, paralegals, and litigation project managers across many practices—including corporate, real estate, eDiscovery, and bankruptcy—for results that dovetail perfectly with our clients’ interests.